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Frequent Ask Questions

What is digital marketing? 

Digital marketing meaning using electronic ways or internet to promote your services and products through search engines, social media, email, online platform, websites to connect with your current and prospective customer. 

Why is digital marketing important for your business?

Traditional ways of convey the messages to your client through printing materials, phone call, email, or maybe face 2 face discussion. At this stage, digital marketing is vital for your business and brand awareness. It seems like every other brand has a website. And if they don’t, they at least have a social media presence or digital ad strategy. Digital content and marketing is so common that consumers now expect and rely on it as a way to learn about brands. To be competitive as a business owner, you’ll need to embrace some aspects of digital marketing. Digital marketing can reach your target audiences and a big data for you to do analyse on your customer behaviour, In short the ROI is higher compared to traditional way. 

Digital marketing = selling on social media? 

The answer is no/ yes, selling on social media is only one of the way, but we cannot rely on single channel as we need to reduce the risk as depends on third party platform. What will happen if the social platform change their use of policy or close down or maybe account hacked?, This is too risky for your business. So diversify is still important in digital marketing. 

What are the digital marketing suitable for me? 

There is no fix answer for this depends on your products or services. As we mentioned before, diversify is important to reduce the risk. 

How websites can help your business?

This is still important to ave your own website even you are selling in any market place. As you know selling in market place need to compete with a lot of sellers, you maybe sacrificed by customers as they always prefer to buy from good review, high purchased’s supplier, and cheapest in price. Statistic showed searching a products/ service in any of search engines with better purchase quality meaning to say you can sell better price and quantity compare to market place. 

Is this important to have digital marketing for my website?

Having fancy website without getting searched will not really serve the purpose, that is the reason why you need to have digital marketing strategy to make your website rank well in search engine or we also call it search engine optimisation (SEO), You can use ready analytical tools available then implement digital marketing steps on improving your website ranking. 

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