Frequent Ask Questions

Frequent Ask Questions

Virtual Office Package – General

A virtual office is a new era services for the business owner to work remotely, but they still need an official address and meeting place for the office basic needs. The business owner can maintain a presence in a desirable location without need to pay rent for an actual space. This is costly to maintain a fixed office and committed in the short term. Check out our virtual office package.
Co-working or shared office is almost the same where a common office place shared among the people. Our co-working services is only open to our virtual office subscriber to ensure maximum of security and privacy.
We need to ensure the quality and security of everyone, so we only open to individual who registered their company/ business/ society with SSM. We also will consider to open to any working under agency forces example insurance agent, property agent, and etc with the necessary proof of documents.
We accept any foreigners that have company/ business registered in their country. Documents need to submitted for verification. We don’t accept any foreign individual for registration at the moment.
At the moment, we are open from 9am – 6pm (Mon-Fri) except for Malaysia public holiday.
After working hour or weekend, we only open to private event such as seminar, training, and any others activities. You can contact us details.
Yes, you can choose to park at the roadside or there is a huge open public parking area (less than 100m walking distance from the office). Parking fees is RM1/hour (subject to change parking management)
Yes, there are many restaurant options from local to international restaurant as well as a Starbucks cafe just a 5 min walk. Many convenient shops nearby.
We provide a table, chairs, Wifi, electrical extension, white board (some tables), water dispenser. You can also use the facilities to meet your clients without using meeting room, but we allow to meet up to 2 persons (3 persons include yourself) (no kids allowed) to ensure minimum noise may disturb who is sitting next to you. We suggest to use meeting room if you have more than above people. We will have rule & regulations to use office to ensure everyone is happy!
Many clients is still think important for a fixed line to gain confidents of their customer. Common phone line is a general number specially for our virtual office subscribers. If anyone call this number then we will communicate with them (not call forwarding), then we will forward the message immediately to your WhatApps or email so that you can get back to your customer immediately. A dedicated line means only you to use the number, our operator will mention your company name when somebody call in, then we will record down their message and forward to you by writing in email/ WhatApps.
For any unused hour will be forfeited automatically, cannot carry forward to next week or month or transfer to other people.
For advance subscribers, we have web host service for single domain at the storage space of 20GB. You can use this to host your website and email with individual control panel. Meaning to say you can have your own website (www.yourcompany.com) and also your own email address ( youranme@yourcompany.com).


Yes, we will issue invoice for any confirm subscribers.
We accept Malaysia bank transfer/ credit card (online payment gateway).
We will provide free trial for 15 days. You can choose to terminate within 15 days and risk free. But if you choose to proceed after 15 days, then there will be no cancellation and refund according to your subscription package.
We will still offer you same price as early subscription. Meaning to say, you still enjoy the discounted price during renewal.
This is sad to hear you to leave us. You just need to send us email from your registered email. Then we will proceed to termination
Yes, our subscription is auto renewal if you pay by online payment gateway. This is safe and worry free.

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