Incorporate Consultation In Malaysia

Incorporate Consultation

Sole Proprietorship (For Malaysian)

  • All profits & losses below to owner

  • Simple registration and fast approved

  • Lower start up costs 

  • tax declared in your personal income tax 

  • Mainly for small to medium business (some industry not able to use this registration)

Partnership (For Malaysian)

  • All profits & losses among the partners 

  • Joint business ownership among the partners

  • Similar to sole Proprietorship

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) (For Malaysian)

  • Combination of both a private limited (sdn bhd) and a partnership.

  • Operable with different membership levels (can be designated or non-designated members) 

  • Member’s personal assets are protected from liabilities 

  • LLP is deemed as a legal person. This can own/ lease property, employ staff and etc. 

  • With fewer compliance requirements and affordable business model

Private Limited Company (Sendirian Berhad or Sdn Bhd) (For Malaysian and Foreigner)

  • Personal wealth is protected 

  • Liability is under the company 

  • The ownership is transferable 

  • Lower corporate tax rates 

  • Easy to access for capital and easy get support from financial institution

  • Annual audited required

Public Limited Company (Berhand or BHD)

  • Suitable for high annual sales turn over company

  • The business entity is usually governed and listed by SC 

  • Able to sell shares to public 

  • Able to raise share capital 

  • Expansion opportunities

Setting up a company (sdn bhd) for foreigners

They are many good advantages to set up the company in Malaysia for foreigners.  

  • 100% owned by foreigners 

  • Apply for working permit/ visa 

  • Company bank account opening

  • Taxation rebate (depends on government incentive amount)

  • Transparency on the registration 

  • Use of our virtual office service

  • Low start-up cost, rental, wages 

  • No double taxation 

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