Outsource Company Penang

Outsource Company Penang

Many overseas companies are facing difficulty and restrictions on travelling during the pandemic period. They are having constraints to meet their customers when encountering problems such as supply chain issues or quality issues.

Imagine the scenario of a customer complaint on quality issue, the customer end will most likely send back the parts for reject validation, in which it is time consuming and surely would involve shipping cost. Besides that due to the protracted processes, the company might miss their customer shipment.

If the company has an outsource representative locally here, then the outsource representative team can immediately attend to their customers to validate the issues, with a concurrent update to handle the return, rework or disposal.

Besides handling customer quality issues, the outsource team can also be the company’s representative for machine buy-off support, for example, if customers face any difficulty on machine operation or modification, the representative will be the company’s window to help resolve the problem. 

Why do you need an outsource representative office in Penang?

  • Penang is one of the important manufacturing hub in Malaysia.

  • Having an official representative office locally to gain your customers’ confidence.  

  • Local Penang address.

  • Cost saving on office expenses, staffing, operation cost.

  • Overseas company has no worries on hiring staffing according to Malaysia labour law.

  • Overseas company has no worries about travel restriction and quarantine process during pandemic.

Why us?

  • We are a local registered company based in Penang, Malaysia.

  • More than 10+ years experience in manufacturing and business environment.

  • Your representative for sales and technical to your customer in Penang or Malaysia. 

  • Technical support including machine set up and quality support.

  • Short term to long term outsource.

  • Affordable pricing.

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