You Earn Commission, Your Friends Gain Discounts

Refer a Friend

Good deals are definitely meant to be shared with family and friends. We truly appreciate your if you tell your family and friends about us, and get them to sign up with us as well. As a token of appreciation, you be a referrer, while we will do the rest of the work! 

You will get: One-off commission of 5%, or up to RM100 credit with a validity of 1 year.

Your friend will get: One-off additional 10% discount, or up to RM150 discount on top of the promotional price upon signing up with us.

Refer A Friend (FAQ)

We appreciate you to share our services to your friends. We return in commission to you and additional discount for your friend.
We calculate the price based on selling rate (after discount from the publish price) then additional 10%. This is not combinable with other extra promotion example “transfer virtual office” program. Example, if you are subscribe a virtual office package of RM100/month for a year, then we offer 45% off on current promotion, then payment amount is RM100 – 45% = RM55, then RM55 – 10% (referrer discount) = RM49.50/ month. Yearly payment is RM49.50 * 12month = RM594 (Original RM660) You as a referrer, then you will get RM594 *5% = RM29.70 (credit form for a year). *All the discount is only on the monthly charges exclude deposit/ registration fees.
This program is solely for new registration company. Our existing or previous customers are not entitle for the “refer a friend” promotion. But you still can enjoy our on going promotion.
No, everything is the same, except for refer a friend enjoy additional discount and you as referrer can get additional commission.
You will get the credit after completed 15 days of free trial. Commission is one time commission based on initial package subscribe. Example your friend subscribe for 6 months – then your commission based on 6 months, maximum up to a year. Then following renewal subscription you are not entitle for any commission.
10% discount additional is applied only during initial subscription. After that will be follow normal renewal fees.

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