Web Hosting

Web Hosting

We provide value add services to our existing virtual office client for web hosting. To have good company image, we need to have commercial address, landline phone number, and also as well as a good website. Website design are costly if you engage website builder expert, furthermore maintenance might be issue for long run.

There are many definitions how to build a good website, based on our years of experience, a good website must be user friendly websites where the user can find your products/ services, mobile friendly also key factor to rank better in any search engine in mobile create good mobile experience, Besides that, a good and relevant contents are also important for the user and search engine to understand what you are providing in your website, and most important is search engine optimisation (SEO), if you have perfect website but no traffic to your website, then your website will not really serve help in increase your company revenue.

With our web hosting, you can pay only RM59/month on top of the virtual to have following services.

Only RM99/month


1 Domain hosting (excluding domain registration fees)

Disk space – 20GB

Unlimited pages and email account

Account setting up

Website design and SEO introduction (1 hour)

Website migration (1 time)

Website templates or you can use own design

Quarterly website review and support

Annual subscription

Website Template Samples

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